Digital printing vs. Offset

To make a comparison between digital and offset printing, are considered the circulation and related prices. Digital printing technology is based on laser printers, while the offset printing is the process by which the image is transferred to paper using printing plates. Digitalis has an advantage in small circulations and the works with many variables, […]


The colors can be produced by two different methods: with light or by chemical pigments. A color space is the sum of all colors that can be achieved by any of the methods listed above. Color space is an abstract mathematical model describing the way colors can be represented. The systems used today are based […]

Six people with “super-powers” that have put scientists in a dilemma. One of them “saw” the Moon

Whether they’re scientists who can paint a masterpiece being blindfolded, geniuses who can perform complicated calculations that only computers can achieve or people who remember every detail of their lives, people with special abilities seem to be numerous in our society. But the special powers owned by these six people, whose life stories are described […]