Supports that can run offset printing

The offset paper is the most absorbent printing support. It is recommended for book interior, agendas, brochures, letterhead sheets, NotePad, etc. LWC paper is coated with a low basis weight and wood content, used for magazines, flyers, catalogs, yearbooks, etc. In this paper support can be printed full-color images and special colors. The paper label […]

Presentation folders: design & print information

WHAT ARE PRESENTATION FOLDERS? Briefly, presentation folders are some inner pocket folders, customized to the company’s marketing line where you can put various materials / documents for clients or potential clients, such as price lists, brochures for various products, etc. Presentation folders are part of basic marketing materials that no one should miss, especially people […]

Preparing a model for printing

Preparation of a model for printing is an operation that requires attention and that the benefits far outweigh the time invested. A forgotten RGB profile picture or a character (font) unconverted to curves can compromise the whole work. Te graphical editing of the model Graphic model is done in a specialized graphics program (Corel Draw, […]

Photo printing sizes depending on the resolution

What is the maximum size that I can print a picture? We get this question quite often, in some cases from professional photographers. In general, the confusion arises because of the multitude of parameters and terms that often are used incorrectly: resolution, pixels, megapixels, inch, millimeters, centimeters, DPI, PPI etc … Each of these terms […]

Digital printing vs. Offset

To make a comparison between digital and offset printing, are considered the circulation and related prices. Digital printing technology is based on laser printers, while the offset printing is the process by which the image is transferred to paper using printing plates. Digitalis has an advantage in small circulations and the works with many variables, […]

Tips for making the design of a customized CD

When it comes to promoting your business, you have at your disposal a lot of promotional tools, so a decision is not easy to take. In general conventional materials are chosen, such as brochures, catalogs, etc. However, you should take into consideration those instruments that are not commonly used but, depending on the situation, can […]