Presentation folders: design & print information

Presentation folders: design & print information
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Briefly, presentation folders are some inner pocket folders, customized to the company’s marketing line where you can put various materials / documents for clients or potential clients, such as price lists, brochures for various products, etc.

Presentation folders are part of basic marketing materials that no one should miss, especially people working in sales.

If you take part in various corporate staff meeting, conferences and events is always good to make a positive first impression, and generally some professional-looking marketing materials help you do this. Of course that equally important are the documents you put into presentation folders, but there is a saying that says “packaging sell”.


First, design must be according to visual identity catalog , or if you do not have, try to keep the graphic line / aesthetic of other marketing materials used. It is very important that the look is professional, impeccably so if you or your colleagues do not have the necessary knowledge in the field of graphics would be better to call the professionals.

From design presentation folder should not miss the logo and company name and contact details. In addition, you can add any other items: a title or slogan, suggestive pictures for the company or of marketed products , brief descriptions of services but it would be better not to enter too much information because the overall look will be very crowded.


Presentation folders standard are 1-2 cm larger than a sheet of A4, with one or two pockets applied or stamped. In addition, you can request support for a card and / or a CD / DVD. If you want to differentiate yourself you can opt for an atypical format or even an atypical form, however in this case the costs will be higher.


The main role is to support documents from inside. Depending on your needs, you can choose presentation folders with one or two pockets. In general, on the pocket is stamped the support for business cards and CD.


Usually, at printing presentation folders is used matte or glossy cardboard of 300-350 g / sq ensuring optimum quality at low prices. If the budget allows, you can use recycled cardboard or different special cardboards with textures, colors and different finishes to match the design.


For presentation folders printing we offer two solutions depending on quantity, budget and execution deadline: presentation folders on digital or offset printing.

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