Tips for making the design of a customized CD

Tips for making the design of a customized CD
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When it comes to promoting your business, you have at your disposal a lot of promotional tools, so a decision is not easy to take. In general conventional materials are chosen, such as brochures, catalogs, etc. However, you should take into consideration those instruments that are not commonly used but, depending on the situation, can provide maximum impact at low cost, such as customized CDs.

You can create customized CDs or DVDs with various animations, images and video presentations, audiobooks or you can even include the entire string of products and services offer. Discs are nlt marketing tools frequently used but can be a good means by which you can promote your company and portfolio. When you hand a customized CD to a business partner, it must reflect the professional image of the company, this means design and professional CD print.

For maximum impact you must take into consideration the packaging for the CD or DVD that also should be customized. There are multiple possibilities: normal or slimline cases which you can add covers, customized packaging envelopes for disks, folders with pocket or button for CD, etc.

Below are some tips to keep in mind in the design of a customized CD:

If you do not have marketing and graphic design knowledge, the best solution would be to call the professionals. We provide graphic and design services for CD surface, CD covers, CD envelopes, etc. If you still want to do the design, best would be to start from a template. Next download the layout for CD print in Corel Draw format.

Finally, customized CDs will reach customers and business partners, therefore must contain as many elements of banding (logo, slogan, contact information, website) to reflect the company’s image.

Depending on the purpose and use of the disc you can include in the design company’s suggestive pictures, pictures of products.

Because the CD surface is not very generous, careful not to “crowd” too much information, photos, logos. Note that the disc surface design should have a definite purpose and to highlight only one title (product / service), so the look has to be “ventilated”. If you want to provide more information they can be fond on the cover or even in the information copied on CD

CD packaging options: the packaging design should be a continuation of the CD’s design. A customized  CD can be packed in the classical  CD / DVD slim and normal cases. In this case are used covers for CD cases . Other packaging options are customized CD envelopes or CD folders with pocket .

Copying the information on the CD or DVD can be realized by yorrselves using a computer with an optical drive. However if you have to copy many CDs, this operation requires a lot of time, which is why we provide CD or DVD (duplicate) copying services  on specialized equipment with a capacity of approx. 3000 CDs / day.

In conclusion, please consult the offer of customized CDs and DVDs. The print is made directly on the disc with specialized equipment to 2400 dpi resolution.

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