Data recovery from external hard drive

Data recovery from external hard drive
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Are your data safe on a portable hard drive?

Although hard drives have evolved a lot over the years in terms of storage space, they have remained as sensitive to shocks of any kind, so data recovery is a priority when they can no longer be accessed.

Hard drives are no longer what they used to be. If the operating principle can be said to have remained the same, the capacity of these components has increased exponentially. From the old hard drives of 600 or 800 Mb, we have reached the units of the TB order today. Moreover they have become so common  that even kids’ gaming computers are equipped with that.

This is because, about two decades ago, high capacity hard drives represented a real event when it appeared on the market. Today, practically, even the size of the hard disk does not matter anymore. This is because we have a lot of alternative data storage units, including flash memory, memory stick or external hard drive.

The latter have become more and more accessible today, so they can be used by almost anyone. The possibility of data loss is very high and if you do not have a backup, data recovery on an external hard disk  can be the only solution to restore the data back.

Storing data on an external hard disk

Until recently the external hard drives had prohibitive prices, today, they have quite low prices, becoming preferred storage units for a large amount of information. But the main reasons are not only related to storage capacity, but more connectivity and transfer rate. Modern units can be connected to the computer unit or laptop via USB, without special cases or media, as it was until recently. They also benefit from a very high transfer rate, which allows the transfer of 1 TB or 2 TB of data in just a few seconds.

Be careful when handling!

However, external hard drives are not without risk. One of these is related to mechanical shocks. As with any storage unit, external hard drives are vulnerable to shock or other mechanical shock. It is not uncommon for an external hard drive to be dropped on the floor when transporting or even handling data transfers.

From this point of view, there is a vulnerability in the data stored on it. Recovery of data from hard disks with physical defects involves special rooms that have data recovery laboratories, rooms in which the hard disks are opened and inside them perform certain operations in order to extract the data. Shocks of any kind can cause total or partial blocking of the unit, so that we see only part of the information stored on it. Other risks that may arise when transferring data are due to accidental deletion or formatting of data.

This time the data recovery can be done through data recovery software such as: Recuva, R-studio … In all these cases, it is safest to turn to a data recovery specialist, using your data. , favorite movies or family photos may be in your possession. It is totally contraindicated to troubleshoot the external hard drive at home. The specialists in data recovery and debugging have the tools and knowledge necessary for such operations. In addition, any impurity in the air can be deposited on the hard-disk drive, making it inoperable.

This is why specialized data recovery services have special roomswhere hard drives are handled with care away from any danger that could affect their proper functioning. From this point of view we can say that no storage device is infallible, but the registered data can be recovered if you call the right person.

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