A unique document: “Book of Dzyan”, a collection of Tibetan and Indian legends

A unique document: “Book of Dzyan”, a collection of Tibetan and Indian legends


A chronicle of ancient India, also known as the “Book of Dzyan” is a unique document and it represents a collection of legends gathered by the scholars of the time, who have preserved them for posterity. It is the first known story about an alien ship.

The legend still lives in some regions of Tibet and India, given the fact that manuscripts are 2400 years old. According to some estimates, the events took place 6000 years ago.

Linguistics, history, anthropology and UFO casuistry experts have carefully reviewed the document, finding many similarities with nuclear explosions. The first chronicles relate about a small group of creatures descended to Earth aboard a ship; before landing, they surrounded our planet several times.

According to translations of this chronicle, “these creatures were living organized into a separate caste and were worshiped. Over times, they have divided themselves, some of them settling in a human settlement where they were immediately recognized as rulers”.A-unique-document-Book-of-Dzyan-a-collection-of-Tibetan-and-Indian-legends

The strange text of the “Book of Dzyan”, published and amply commented by H. P. Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century in the volumes of his masterwork, “The Secret Doctrine”, was distinguish by an entirely archaic style and symbolism.

These aspects suggest indeed that its content is so very old. But the remarkable importance of the fundamental knowledge “once” transmitted and transposed into this text has been emphasized through the introduction made by the “authors” of these extraordinary revelations themselves. They called themselves “Sons of Fire”, who have come as Instructors of Humanity. This “rank” the Sons of Fire was known in ancient East as specific to certain “Supreme Spiritual Beings” came from space, who obviously differ from possible extraterrestrial cosmonauts, according to description.

Referring to the names of the various celestial entities mentioned in the revelations contained in the text that has always remained hidden over the millennia, H. P. Blavatsky stated in the accompanying comment: “These are the names of various deities who directs cosmo-psychic powers”. Here are two entirely meaningful verses in Stanza IV:

“Listen, Sons of the Earth, to your instructors — the Sons of the Fire. Learn there is neither first nor last; for all is one number, issued from no number.”

“Learn what we, who descend from the Primordial Seven, we, who are born from the Primordial Flame, have learned from our Fathers.”

Strange knowledge for the people of millennia ago: Everything in the Cosmos is “issued”, is “emanated” from the One – the One Number! And the one number is issued from “non-existent” (from no number). And within the creative emanation there is neither first nor last, as the creation is continuous…

There was a time in the distant past, before a great catastrophe occur, when Gobi Desert, which stretches between China and Mongolia, has been flooded; according to an old legend, there is a tremendous sea, which had in its midst a wonderful island.

According to theosophical teachings we learn the following:

“An island, where the Gobi desert is currently situated, was inhabited by the last representatives of the race that preceded our race – a handful of followers (Adepts) – “sons of God”, now referred to as the “Brahman Pitris”.

Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain, that long before the days of Adam and Eve, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. This vast sea existed before the Ice Age, when a local cataclysm that swept the southern and western waters, formed a huge wilderness.”

An ancient Indian text describes the landing in the area of a smart and mysterious creature referred to as “eternal youth”. She came from cosmos and from his “chariot” she landed on the island located in the Sea of Gobi. She didn’t came alone, but accompanied by others and all were very friendly towards people. They taught people several things, improving their lives. The Indian text describes their arrival as follows:Tibetan-and-Indian-legends

“Thundering down from unsearchable heights, wreathed in flames that filled the heavens with tongues of fire, came the chariot of the Sons of Fire and the Lords of Flame from the Resplendent Star. It alighted on the White Island of the Sea of Gobi, a green, marvelous expanse of fragrant flowers.”

The sacred Chinese writings and the Tibetan Book of Dzyan also confirm that in remote times, long before Adam and Eve, there was a huge territory, inhabited by “sons of God”, white people with blue eyes and blond hair, who descended from heaven.

These heavenly beings, exiled to Earth after a war in heaven (as the fallen angels described in the Bible) were divine instructors of humanity, empowering people all the knowledge required for the development of civilization. It is said that these beings knew everything about heaven and Earth.

In Vedic literature it is recorded: “Beings from the great white star took their abode on the island in the Sea of Gobi in the year of 18,617,841 BC”. They are said to have built a fortress, then a city, and then, they constructed underwater tunnels connecting their beautiful island with the mainland.

An atomic war took place in the distant past?

Located on the territory of Pakistan, Mohenjo-daro is part of a series of settlements belonging to the so-called Harappa civilization, also known as the Indus Valley civilization. One of those who have dedicated their lives to studying these ruins is Englishman David W. Davenport, who after 12 years of research he published in 1979 a book titled “Atomic Destruction – 2000 BC”; the volume is built on the assumption that Mohenjo-daro has not fallen into ruin over time, but its fall, its collapse was the consequence of a nuclear explosion.

The extraordinary story of the Mountain of the Dead starts from the discovery of the first ruins and shows that, once unearthed and brought to light the remains ancient settlements, archaeologists have found themselves in front of a crater measuring nearly 50 meters in diameter, within which everything, including stone, is melted or crystallized as it would have been scorched by a huge temperature.

At the edge of this crater, the bricks are melted and fused together on the side of the alleged impact. Researchers exclude the possibility that the area was scorched by the eruption of a volcano, as there is no volcano nearby.

Devastated area lies on a surface measuring 3 kilometers in diameter. Black stones can be seen everywhere, deformed pieces from a sort of stone that offered archaeologists some food for thought, until they found that those pieces were fragments of pottery, fused to one another, probably after subjection to the same huge temperature. When the scientists had excavated far enough to reach the street level of the Mohenjo-Daro complex, they have faced a gruesome view. Hundreds of skeletons were found in strange positions.

The Indus Valley Civilization of India and Pakistan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joFlQItvc7Q

The findings from Mohenjo-daro are by no means singular. The same apocalyptic scenes are found in the neighboring city, Harappa, where skeletons have been also found on the streets. Archaeological excavations have allowed researchers to affirm that Harappa civilization was highly advanced and highly evolved.

Cities in the region are built on a rigorous plan with straight streets that intersect perpendicularly. Houses have sophisticated sewer systems superior to those that can be found today in many cities of India and Pakistan. But who were the founders of these cities, we don’t know.Book-of-Dzyan-a-collection-of-Tibetan-and-Indian-legends

In the scientific community there is an endless debate on the age of Harappa civilization. Traditional radiocarbon dating methods have shown that ruins are dating back to around 2500 BC, but taking into account the effects of an alleged nuclear explosion, the risk of errors is very high. Some authors support the idea that nuclear war that destroyed these civilizations took place 8000-12000 years ago. The case has been studied in the last century by more Soviet scientists who discovered that skeletons have high levels of radioactivity. In one of these locations was found a skeleton with a level of radioactivity 50 times higher than normal.

A layer of radioactive ash was discovered near the city of Rajasthan in India, where due to that reason a new neighborhood-building project was suspended. Moreover, the town itself has an unwanted reputation in terms of cancer incidence and children who are born with various birth defects. Another over time testimony of a nuclear war in ancient India is the huge Lonar crater, located a few hundred kilometers from Bombay and measuring 2.154 meters in diameter.

There are no remnants of any meteorite in th whole area and according to scientists, Lonar is the only crater in a basalt layer; the rock is subjected to an intense shock, with a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres, able to change its structure itself. Signs of a devastating antiquity war can also be found in different parts of the world, including the enigmatic Libyan Desert Glass, located near Saad plateau.

When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico due to the extraordinary heat, the desert sand turned into green glass. In the last century, many archaeological discoveries from different parts of the world revealed other such thousand-year-old glass layers. Discovered in 1932 by archaeologist Patrick Clayton, the Desert Glass lies on a very wide area, measuring 130 kilometers in length; its maximum width is 53 kilometers.

Its name comes from the fact that the barren area is dotted with pieces of pure glass, while the percentage of silica (silicon) is 98%. An article published in July 1999 in the British magazine “New Scientist” showed that the already famous Libyan Desert glass (LDG) is the purest such substance on the planet.

More than 1,000 tons of this material stretch over an area of hundreds of kilometers. Some pieces are large, weighing up to 30 kilograms, but most of them are small, resembling to shards of glass, as if a huge bottle would have been crushed by a colossal force. In scientific language, these green shards are referred to as “tektites”.

Their origin is a subject of heated debate. Undoubtedly, the glass is very old. Thus, it is known that prehistoric hunters were making various sharpened tools of this material. A carved scarab of LDG was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

The theory suggested by the scientific community is that the glass is the result of an impact with a cosmic body. There are some serious problems with this theory. Why there is no impact crater?

This is a question remained unanswered to this day. Not even soundings at great depth using the latest technologies have failed to find any crater. Moreover, green glass is too pure to be the result of such a brutal impact. It is possible that an ancient nuclear war have created all these traces? No one can give an answer. The more improbable the theory seems, the more evidence scientists are revealing, as they are unable to combat it.

Atomic experiments in New Mexico, at the end of the Second World War showed that an atomic deflagration melts the silicon from sand, turning the earth’s surface into glass. The lightning can also turn sand into glass, but the shapes left also have the shape of a rot. Its ramifications penetrate into depth. So the green glass layers cannot be associated with this natural phenomenon.

Forbidden Archeology: Lost Secret Of Ancient Civilization: Best Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRf55EECw74

Debates in the scientific community on the issue of “tektites” have been summarized in an article published in August 1978 in the “Scientific American” magazine. Here, a renowned US researcher has tried to formulate a plausible theory to explain the existence of the mysterious layer of green glass. “The most likely source of green glass is the Moon.

If tektites come from the Moon, it seems to follow that there is at least one powerful volcano somewhere on the Moon that has erupted at least as recently as 750,000 years ago.  I believe that the lunar-volcanism hypothesis is the only one physically possible, and that we have to accept it”, wrote John O’Keefe, the author of the article.

The head of the Manhattan Project, a research and development project led by the United States that produced the first nuclear weapons that have destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, also added a shadow of mystery over the already famous green glass.

In an interview he gave immediately after he witnessed the first atomic experiment, the researcher quoted the Gita (Bhagavad Gita): “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. When asked in an interview at Rochester University seven years after the historical experiment, whether that was the forts atomic bomb ever to be detonated, his reply was: “Well, yes, in modern history.”

Several historical records claim that the Indian civilization has been in existence for literally tens of thousands of years. However, until 1920, most experts agreed that the origins of Indian civilization should be sought somewhere around the fourth century BC.

But this theory was shattered by the discovery of the ruins of cities such as Harappa, Mohenjo-daro (“Mound of the Dead Men”), Kot Diji, Kalibanga or Lothal. Archaeologists still don’t know who the builders of these cities are, but their attempts to date the ruins (now known as the “Indus Valley Civilization”) have come up with something like 2500 BC.

Many scientists believe that these are the remains of Rama Empire described in ancient texts of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. A-unique-document-Book-of-Dzyan-a-collection-of-Tibetan-and-Indian-legendsThese texts depict a devastating war between an empire and its extremely powerful enemy.

The texts talk about deadly weapons used in conflict: huge fire balls that could destroy an entire city, “Kapila’s brilliance”, which could instantly turn 50.000 soldiers into ash and flying spears that could destroy even the most resistant forts.

Experts in atomic physics say that the event was actually the first nuclear explosion on the surface of the Earth: “in manuscripts of the Book of Dzyan, we find a story about a nuclear explosion. The fact that humans and aliens alike were burned, the light radiation of an extraordinary intensity as well as the other details reinforce this theory.

I don’t think we need any more evidence and we have to accept that what is said in these old manuscripts accurately describe the first nuclear explosion that occurred several thousand years ago”, said the atomic physics expert Manfred Thomson from Princeton University.

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