Digital print - for small and very small print circulation

Digital print – for small and very small print circulation


The concept refers to the digital printing method to print materials on a variety of media with a digital image source.

Normally, this term refers to the process of professional printing whereby graphic materials created with softwares more or less specialized of desktop publishing or from other digital sources are printed using specialized printers in large format or capable of high resolution that works with inkjet-based technology or the laser.

Digital print – this is the typography industry response that comes with the fastness competitive advantage in a market that demands delivery times increasingly shorter.

The advantages that digital print offers against offset version

Digital print – creates a considerable advantage when you want to have a quick final product at a good price, and, most importantly, in the desired quantity. Digital print is perfect for small and medium circulations.

This is done directly from the computer, the latest adjustments being able to make without additional costs, even before giving the good printing, so digital printing providing greater flexibility.

A big advantage over the classic print is the possibility to print short circulations at a very convenient, digital print is also known as small typography circulation and even very small, even in a single copy!

This method is cost-effective only for printing circulations up to 450-500 copies. For printing larger circulations of over 500 copies, it is more advantageous the offset printing, where orders must be made in advance by several days.

In principle, the costs of printed materials by digital printing method could have seemingly higher costs, but these costs are amortized by the speed of the process by eliminating time consuming steps and resources absolutely necessary for preparing printing molds for classic alternatives.

The quality of digital printing is impeccable because printers we work with are of the highest quality. The most important advantage that could be considered is that you get rid of “quantity” stress  because you can print even in one copy.

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