How to wear ties on travels?

How to wear ties on travels?
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Most men do not take ties along, when they are on holidays. One should pack the ties carefully, in order to wear them. There are a couple of methods to wrap the ties. One method one is to wrap the tie around hand and then store it in the baggage, so it will not be squished.

Another method is to put the wrapped up tie into the collar of a shirt. Or fold the tie halfway and put it on top, or could also place it right at the bottom of your baggage to lie flat. Another method would be to use a separate tie cover that holds one or two ties.

Of course, on a business trip, especially, it would be a good idea to take ties, as if you have a single tie that becomes stained, you have no alternative. A possibility would be to have a dark tie that is less sensitive. A good choice is Jacquard silk, as dirt cannot get deep into the fabric immediately.

But if on travels, your ties are stained? How will you remove stains from your ties? It is a number one to respect: remove stains immediately. But if you are on a business meeting, there is a need for some emergency measures. Remove dirt, first, trying to scratch off dirt with a clean knife or dab off dirt with a napkin.

Avoid rubbing the substance deeper into the fabric, as it has to be treated further. In order to remove greasy stains, take a smooth cloth, put soap on it and rub the stain off. It should be better to apply a stain remover, or ethyl alcohol. But if this does not work, please give tie to a dry-cleaner. It is your choice, again, as the cheapest companies are not the best.

Find a specialist and after cleaning and ironing the tie, sew tie back. Of course, cleaning the tie too often will damage material, so smaller stains should be removed with ethyl alcohol or stain removers. Leave silk ties in lighter colors at home, or when you travel or on business trips.

You also have to know to keep your ties in good conditions. When you go back home from your job, and you are in a hurry to remove the tie, but you have to do it properly. Do not pull the thin end through the knot, instead, take off the tie by following steps in reverse.

To enjoy having a very nice tie, you have to do all we presented above, it is not so difficult, as if you perform once or twice and it certainly will become a habit. To keep the ties in good conditions is to have ties that will be worn for a long time, as some attach themselves to this piece of clothing, so they need to have it as it is new, stainless, looks great. Be careful with your tie and your business trip or travels will be perfect!

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