How I made my rooms amazingly beautiful with patterned roman blinds

How I made my rooms amazingly beautiful with patterned roman blinds
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When I bought my first apartment, I wanted everything to be perfect. It wasn’t a new apartment, so I had to renovate it and I did my best to ensure that the team of workers who were renovating will do everything as I instructed them.

After the renovation was complete I bought the furniture and I tried to have a specific theme for each room. In order to have the most pleasant ambiance, I had to decide whether to choose curtains or blinds and I went for the blinds.

I chose patterned roman blinds and decorations for rooms that are as close as possible to the theme of the blinds, which was floral.

Blinds with floral patterns are some of the most beautiful type of blinds that you can get for your home. I was careful to get the blinds before the renovation was complete, because I wanted to paint the walls in the same color as the background of the blinds.

I paid attention to every small detail, even to the type of rug that I placed at the entrance. My intention was to have a general floral theme, so that anyone who visits my home to be impressed.How I made my rooms amazingly beautiful with patterned roman blinds

Before choosing patterned roman blinds, I wanted to be sure I make an informed decision, so I read everything I could on the internet about them. I found out that they can give you the possibility to have a more eco-friendly home, because they allow you to have a much better control of the light that enters your rooms.

With quality blinds, you can keep your rooms cool during the hot days, but you can also allow all the natural light from the sun to enter, depending on necessity.

Personally, I don’t really like curtains and choosing blinds was not a hard decision to make. Maybe the most important thing that I focused on was the living room. The couch and the chair that I chose have the same floral theme as the blinds, with lavender.

The final result is amazing and I am proud of how I decorated the apartment every time someone visits me. I am thinking about painting the apartment and decorating it again after five or more years. If I change the color for the walls or the theme for every room, I will have to change the patterned roman blinds as well.

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