Seniors Reduce Your Travel Expenses With These Tips!

Seniors Reduce Your Travel Expenses With These Tips!
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Living on a fixed-income is tough, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the fun of travel. Use the following money-minded tips to reduce your expenses and enable you to get more out of your traveling experiences.

1. Bring all necessary medications with you. Not only will refills be expensive in a foreign country, they may not even be available! Check with your doctor about getting an advanced supply, just in case anything should happen to your medicine during your travels.

While you’ve got him on the line, ask about any other concerns he may have for where you’re going and how you’ll get there: an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure!

2. Settle for three stars. Particularly in Europe, hotel prices are determined by the number of stars they are rated. The difference in price between a three and four star hotel is enormous, while the amenities may not as noticeable. Check with reviews to determine if your chosen three star meets your standards and ka-ching, you’ve saved a bundle right there!

3. Use a travel agent. Online services have made it easier to find great deals on your own, however; travel agents can do more for you than you can on your own. Booking an early-bird flight with a senior discount would be a drawn-out hassle for you if you scoured the Internet by yourself and agents often have exclusive and all-inclusive deals you can’t get access to with Google alone.

4.Book an airport transfer service when you are flying abroad. It is very nice to have someone waiting you at the airport . There are specialized companies that will take you directly from the airport to your hotel. These kind of services are available worlwide. So, by example, if you land in London at Luton airport, you shall need Luton taxi transfers. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

5. Ship gifts when you travel for Christmas or birthdays. The best time to travel is on a special occasion to see family, but bringing presents on the plane will cost you an exorbitant amount in fees. These days, you are charged an arm and a leg for everything larger than your wallet, so avoid emptying it by finding a good deal on shipping services instead.

6. Take the bus. Traveling by car is stressful and can cost a small fortune in gas money, so if you are so inclined, enjoy a bus trip instead. Pack as light as possible because buses add charges for each additional bag too and it will be much easier during transfers. Bring a personal music device to tune-out the noise, a small pillow for comfort and support and plenty of healthy snacks from home to avoid the big expense of station food.

7. Have an itinerary. Knowing where you will go means knowing what you will spend money on and that can help keep more of it in your pocket. Study brochures or go online and determine everything that you’d like to take in long before you set off on your adventure. Look for coupons and matinee shows to save even more.

A good vacation is good for the soul, no matter what your age, however; coming home to an empty bank account will instantly undo all the benefits of your leisure travel! Use the advice from this article to keep your expenses low and the fun high on your next trip.

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